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XACT Sensing utilizes sophisticated and patented technology to produce the HLS that is changing the game for hook load transducers. The HLS (U.S. Patent #8,408,076) has a unique electronics replacement kit that can be changed in the field, as easy as a light bulb. Other hook load transducers currently in the market use dated technology that requires the hook load transducer to be shipped back to the factory once a failure occurs.

With XACT Sensing’s HLS, the hook load transducer can be repaired locally. A process that could take up to 6 weeks now can be completed within minutes. The ability to repair the HLS in the field reduces down time on the rig, produces cost savings, and enhances drilling efficiency.

  • 4-20 mA standard output transducer
  • Simple Design / Elegant Stainless steel housing
  • Customer specified connector (Amphenol™, Brad Harrison™, Turck™, etc.)
  • Field replaceable load sensing electronics package using standard tools
  • Light weight design for safe lifting and installation (approximately 25 lbs)

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