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The XS-CFM Coriolis Flow Meter measures the force resulting from the acceleration caused by mass moving toward (or away from) a center of rotation. This effect can be experienced when riding a merry-go-round, where moving toward the center will cause a person to have to “lean into” the rotation so as to maintain balance.

XS-CFM Coriolis Flow Meters have applied the pure digital drive, DSP signal processing, and the high vibration frequency. They have characteristics of high stability, high shock resistance, fast response, high accuracy, low pressure lose, multi-parameter measurement (including: mass flow, density, temperature, percentage), etc. The accuracy of the flow meters is ±0.1%~ ±0.2%. The application range is large. (It could be used to measure all sorts of all sorts non-newtonian fluid, slurry, suspensions, high viscosity fluid, etc.) The requirements for the installation are low. (The straight pipe requirements in front of and behind the Coriolis Mass Flow Meters are low.) They are more reliable, stable, and the maintenance level is low.

Material of the Measurement Pipeline SS 316L/ HC Hastelloy
Medium Temperature -50 °C ~ +150 °C; -50 °C ~ 250 °C; -50 °C ~ 350 °C; -100 °C ~ 350 °C
Environment Temperature Sensor: -40 °C ~ + 150 °C; Transmitter: -20 °C ~ + 70 °C
Flow Rate Measurement Accuracy ± 0.2%, ± 0.1% optional
Density Measurement Accuracy ± 0.002g/cm³, ± 0.001g/cm³ optional
Repeatability ± 0.10% Flow Rate ±[½(Zero Point STability/Flow Rate)x100]% Flow Rate
Output Signal 4~20mA Load Resistance <500Ω(Instantaneous or Density optional); 0~10KHz Instantaneous Flow Rate Pulse Signal; Standard RS 485 Communication.
Explosion – Proof Symbol EX d ib II C T5 Gb
Anti-Explosion Certification No. CE14.1262
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